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Manufacturers can be fully

serviced, upgraded, modified or advised upon.  Spares can be sourced where technical details are available.


Other manufacturers’ plant can often be serviced, upgraded, modified or advised upon subject to sufficient information being available or following a site/plant survey.


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Special Effects & Services


To date 20 years of experience in the control system design, programming, installation & commissioning of automated pre-cast concrete machinery.

Initial experience gained with Concrete Machinery Systems Ltd. of Bristol UK from June 1992 through until January 2005 with multiple bespoke projects around the world. 

Following the voluntary liquidation of CMS Ltd. in the middle of a large installation project in the USA, Special Effects & Services came into being as an independent contractor for Concrete Technology Integrators Inc. in the USA (their agent) to enable completion of this current project & for a number of others that had yet to be started where the machinery had already been supplied &/or already manufactured by CMS Ltd. for the USA.

Various projects were completed in close co-operation with CTI Inc. from February 2005 through to January 2009; additionally work was also undertaken with the CTI Inc. UK subsidiary Concrete Technology Machinery Systems Ltd. who commenced in 2007.

CTI Inc. was taken over by Hawkeye Pipe for the consolidation of the CTI Inc. subsidiary Pedershaab Concrete Technologies mid 2008, early in 2009 Hawkeye Pipe decided upon the discontinuation of the “wet-cast” machinery side of the business & Special Effects & Services started independently providing services & spares for the previous customers of CMS Ltd., CTI Inc., & CTMS Ltd. in addition to projects involving other machinery manufacturers plant.

Design services have also been recently provided for Concrete Technology International - Wetcast for a complete new machine design, installation & commissioning.




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